Independent insurance agents are otherwise known as producers. They offer a wide variety of financial and insurance products to businesses and individuals. The types of insurance they may offer include casualty insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, long-term care insurance, and property insurance.

You might find that you’re interested in working with an independent insurance agency because of the wide variety of offerings. These agents make it easier to choose the right insurance policy. They take the guesswork on making important decisions in your life. This takes the stress and time away from other priorities.

An independent insurance agent can offer advice on finding the right insurance that fits your lifestyle and particular needs. They will become your advisors and advocates to ensure you get the most protection. Keep on reading to learn more about the benefits of working with independent agents.

Personalized Service

You’ll get personalized customer service with an independent insurance agent. It’s easy to schedule a one-on-one meeting with them. A local agent can determine what coverage you need. They’ll also ensure that you get the coverage you need for the other aspects of your life, such as home and auto insurance.

Tailored Coverage

They offer tailored coverage that meets your personal needs. They’re someone who already knows the local area. This gives you more advantages than working with a captive agent. They have knowledge of the companies that offer services in your area. Local agents are also aware of the risks involved when it comes to damage to your property from storms and flooding.

More Options

Independent agents are different from captive agents in that they have access to multiple insurance products. Captive agents only work for one insurance company. You might work with an independent agent who offers health insurance and property insurance. Since they’re allowed to work with many companies, they offer more options. This gives them access to a wide variety of products and services you never realized you needed.

More Savings

Since independent agents offer more options, they can get you the best rate. They don’t have a brand affinity, which means that you’ll save money. You might notice that you save more money with an independent agent than you would by signing up directly with the insurance provider itself. You can even shop for multiple policies that offer the best coverage.

Huge Advocate

Throughout the process, the independent agent will become your biggest advocate. They work directly with you instead of the company. This is important when it comes to those time-consuming and complex claims. They offer unsolicited advice that helps you make the best decision.

These are just some of the added benefits of working with an independent insurance agent. Inspirion Insurance Solutions works with independent agents. They offer a diverse range of solutions that fit the needs of individuals and businesses. They work hard to build a long-standing relationship with their customers.