One of the most renowned financial search engines which search through 100s of mortgage lenders all across the USA is Pureloan provides its users with the latest and the most competitive mortgage rates in their area i.e. the area of the customer. Of late Pureloan has created a proprietary, ‘purecash’ savings calculator for nationwide mortgage and refinance searches. Now, the consumers will be able to analyze the PureCash savings and make wise decisions while choosing the most suitable and affordable lenders for loans and mortgages. On technical terms in PureCash savings, there is a cumulative difference in total finance outlay between one lender program and another.

Mortgage Shopping

There will also be an increase in savings which indicates a better overall financial deal for the borrower. Mortgage shopping has been made easier for the citizens of the USA which allows them to calculate PureCash savings within seconds for free by can intelligently combine many different types of mathematical factors like interest rate, APR, closing cost, monthly payments, etc. into one final calculation which is easy to compare. Pureloan gets the results from 100s of lenders and mortgage programs. Plus, the comparison engine of pureloan performs these queries using the apt underwriting calculations and adjustments.

Advanced Home Loan Calculator 

Now, these calculations not only show the precise interest rate, mortgage rates, APR, closing cost, monthly payments, etc. for the borrower but also shows wiser conclusion such as PureCash savings. PureCash can be seen as a standard search result and advanced home loan calculator. On the website, PureCash is one of the most innovative additions. And the working of it is in perfect consonance with the objectives of pureloan i.e. to empower consumers looking to buy homes and save every dollar on their mortgages. Pureloan has a nationwide search engine that considers geographical loan differences and encourages users to view in different parts of the US.