Logistics, the process of moving and coordinating resources like liquids, inventory, materials, food, equipment, people from any one location to another destination. Originally used as a military-based term, logistics in a business sense is the management of various things between its point of origin and its destination to fulfil the consumers. 

Logistics And Its Different Types

The modern concept of business logistics has transformed over the past years. Due to the difference made from the past years, logistic management has transformed drastically, with the supply needs being grown over time.

There are different types of logistic management which are:

  • Supply 

Supply management mainly deals with the coordination and planning of material needed at any specific location to support production.

  • Distribution

It is about managing how the stored and supplied material is sent out where it is needed.

  • Production

This logistic management oversees all the stages of combining various distributed supplies to get the product.

  • Reverse

Reverse management handles the recalling of supplies and materials. In addition, it helps in the removal of excesses.

Logistic Management And Renowned Companies

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