Buying car insurance generally comes with a notion that any damages to your car are covered by your insurance plan, whereas it isn’t entirely true. There are quite a few exclusions. Some of these exclusions are damages caused due to nuclear accidents, cost of replacing consumable spares and more.

However, one important exclusion is any damage to your engine not caused due to accidents. While it may seem disappointing, it is a truth you need to live with.

Is there a way you can buy car insurance online covering any damages to the engine?

Yes! You can top your standard comprehensive car insurance policy with an engine protection cover.

What is an Engine Protection Add-On?

The engine is the most crucial part of your car. Without it, your car is just a big pile of metal on wheels. You surely do not want to imagine your car with a malfunctioning or broken engine.

Moreover, any repair to the engine is going to break your bank. How do you ensure your car’s engine is running smooth as butter without any hiccups for all the time you own it? Keep it serviced at timely intervals.

When you own a comprehensive cover, You can add an engine protection cover to include any damages to your engine. Any damage to the engine is generally classified as a consequential or not directly due to an accident. At this time, the engine protector add-on covers the engine as well as its related parts like the gearbox.

What is covered under an engine protection cover?

Engine protection add-on is one of the cheap car insurance covers that can significantly increase the coverage of your policy. It is an umbrella cover that ensures any damage to the components of the engine is protected. Any cost of repairs including replacements for the engine is covered under this policy. The gearbox is as well included under your engine protection plan. Cost of consumables required, which may be lubricating oils, coolants, and nuts and bolts are included in this add-on. Lastly, the labour costs to carry these repairs are hefty too. These costs are also included for repair and well as replacement of your damaged spares.

What types of damages to the engine are included in engine cover?

Damages due to the following reasons are insured –

  • Any leak of lubricants or oils essential for the engine to function smoothly.
  • Damages to your gearbox.
  • Water Ingression (damage to your engine due to water seeping in its vital components)
  • Any external impact causing damage to the engine, gearbox or transmission.

Who should opt for an engine protection cover?

Any engine protection cover is must-have for the following type of people –

  • In case you reside in an area where there are frequent flood or cases of water logging
  • When you buy a luxury car, you must not leave any stone unturned as any damage to your engine is going to cost you a hefty price.
  • An extra layer of security is always better when it comes to mechanical parts.
  • In case you want to stay away from any uncertain costs from damage to your engine.

Lastly, it is always handy to have an extra layer of security. Buying an add-on at a fraction of a price will not only help you stay worry-free but also will take away the hassles when it comes to engine repairs. So remember the next time your car insurance renewal is due, top it with this useful add-on to get the most out of your car insurance policy.