Monsoon is the time when things change. The yellow-clad trees turn into bright green uplifting the overall mood. The rains bring relief from the scorching summer heat. While these are some of the positives, there are a few negatives too.

The change in temperature witnesses an increase in the cases of vector-borne diseases. Apart from health concerns, your vehicle also needs some care and attention. Although a motor insurance policy can help you cover for any cost of repairs due to accidents, it is better you take adequate precautions to avoid mishaps.

All you vehicle owners out there, make thorough checks of your vehicle before venturing out on each ride, after all, moisture and machines aren’t the best friends. Apart from ensuring timely two wheeler insurance renewal, one of the critical checkpoints is your tyres.

Let us look at the checkpoints for your tyre health –

Ensure adequate air pressure

Riders are often seen to reduce the air pressure during monsoon to increase the contact patch between the tyre and the roads. However, this practice isn’t right. Also, when you ride one up at these times, there is unnecessary pressure on the sidewalls of the tyre impacting its longevity.

On the contrary, there are a few who believe in increasing the air pressure more than usual. This, in turn, will reduce the contact patch and increase the stopping distance. Ideally, you must periodically check for air pressure. Make sure your pressure gauge is accurate and refill the tyre pressure as recommended by the manufacturer. Your bike insurance claim can be denied in case you do not follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Clean the tyres too

While you may think this is an unnecessary measure, it is crucial to avoid accidents. The mud can dry-up and harden on the walls of your tyre. This dried mud between the treads can reduce the friction that otherwise is necessary to make an adequate grip on the roads. You can occasionally spray water to remove any excess muck and mud. Also, after cleaning your tyres, you can apply wax that avoids such mud from sticking and drying. Products like a tyre polish come handy when you want to ensure your tyres also remain in their best shape along with the engine of your bike.

Buy tyres from a reputed manufacturer and an authorised seller

Reputed tyre manufacturer have strict quality control guidelines that ensure only the best, and the finest tyres reach the customers. Investing in a used tyre may seem affordable alternative but does not serve you in the long run. You might need frequent tyre changes along with other issues like punctures. Counterfeit tyres are also sold in the market. You must pay attention while buying so you do not end up with one. An authorised dealer will help you in advising as well as selecting the best tyre depending on your usage.

Ride with care

As simple as it may sound, you must take precautions while riding too. A few potholes have sharp edges due to corrosion by water. This can slice open your tyre if not manoeuvred with care. It would be best if you slowed down in case you cannot avoid the potholes to prevent any mishap as well as damage to your bike.

Finally, after taking the above precautions, make sure you avail a bike insurance cover too. Either comprehensive or third party insurance for bike will go a long way in safeguarding your beloved motorcycle.